10 Reasons I thank my furry friends.

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For anyone that knows me , you know I love my two kitties more then life itself. Although this list is written about them.. it applies to all of our furry friends ūüôā A special thank you to these two for not leaving my side this past week when I have been really sick!

1.Thank you for never judging me..You both sit on my bed and¬†¬†listen to me ramble on and on about my problems day and night without telling me how truly ¬† crazy or wrong I am. Thank you for watching me try on fifty different outfits before I go out and picking the first one… You never tell me how ridiculous I am. Your sweet meows tell me “that one looks perfect mom !”

2. Thank you for always being there when I call you...Thank you for always answering me when I call you, whether its food, time for bed, or just because I want your love. You never hesitate to come find me no matter where .

3. Thank you for knowing when I need you before I even know I do..Before my first tear even hits the floor you know that I need you. I love the way you come running into me with that sweet , sympathetic look in your eyes. You know something isn’t right ¬†and you’re already right there on my lap purring and snuggling me..Things like this make it really hard to get upset about whatever life is throwing my way..

4. Thank you for snuggling me every night.. I never sleep alone. You are both always there one on each side of me. Although sometimes I get annoyed because I can barely move.. I know that its just because your love me  is unconditional you want to be close to me always.

5. Thank you for ALWAYS loving me …. Thanks for letting me give you both the best british accents. I know you are both the superiors at the party because of it ūüėČ The amount of times I have come home from the bar and picked you up I have no idea. I can only imagine what goes through your heads..”oh here we go …she’s bad tonight”. You never get mad at me when I kiss you uncontrollably or when I make you dance. I talk to you both for hours sometimes and never put you down sometimes I think I squeeze you so hard your eyes might pop out.. but still you put up with it .

6. Thank you for being the reason I go a little faster the closer and closer I get to being home.. I am just outside of town when I think about how excited I am to get home to you two. I can never contain my excitement of thinking about how you both will be waiting at the door when I open it.

7.Thank you for having such good hygiene…. I have met a lot of cats in my time.. and NONE of them are like you two. Thank you for never going outside the litter box. Thank you for bathing yourself so well.. This really makes me appreciate you two alot more. You are unlike any cat/cats I have ever met.

8. Thank you for never leaving me…¬†The amount of times you both have gotten out has thrown my anxiety through the roof. Thank you for never going farther then just outside the door.. (probably because you are so overwhelmed you don’t even know your next move).. but still thank you ..:)

9. Thank you for being the absolute best things in my entire life.. you are both a true blessing from god. I could never thank him enough for having grandpa’s car break down that one summer day.. Seeing you two on that farm.. I knew you would be mine. You are my living breathing guardian angels.

10.Thank you for making me feel so important…Your undying love for me makes me feel so special. When it feels like no one else cares there you both are sitting there looking at me “we love you mom.”



What comes into my head when I hear your name.. My first love.. and my first heartbreak

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When I first met you, my world was turned upside down. I never knew what it felt like to truly feel so alive with someone until I met you. We started out as the best of friends and not a day went by that you couldn’t put the biggest smile on my face. As time progressed I realized that I loved you… I even remember the exact moment…when you shoved a cupcake in my face.. romantic right?…


I have never loved someone before and this completely threw me off. I have never felt something so exciting/scary.. cliche right? It is true and I guess that is why everyone describes it that way..


I remember the first time we did anything together. ¬†I remember the first time we kissed, I seriously felt like I would fall over my legs were so weak.I remember the walks through the ¬†parks.. concerts together. you teaching me how to fish…family gatherings.. FAMILY.. I loved your family. I remember the first thanksgiving I got to meet your family. I remember being so comfortable with them and smiling from ear to ear. I remember watching you with your brothers and thinking to myself

” Wow I really love this kid”.

I remember all the weird things you loved about me

I remember all the times we lay on the beach and you told me all about the universe.. you taught me A LOT. The biggest thing I think you ever taught me was how to love someone.. how to put someone else before yourself always. You always pushed me to do better in everything like school and the way I looked at myself. You were constantly doing everything in your power to put a smile on my face.. yet I was never truly happy.. and it wasn’t you… I just didn’t love myself . Things were truly amazing and eye opening our first two years… but like everything .. I guess nothing lasts forever..


How naive was I to think that I would one day be walking down the isle to you? I cant hate myself for thinking that because I was in love…I cant hate myself for having a big heart.. I cant hate myself for believing in “us” for so long no matter what anyone said…

Things turned sour…

You not only taught me how to love someone… but you also taught and showed me what it feels like to have your heartbroken..We argued all the time, we began to but heads and we couldn’t figure out why. We both were so passionate yet we both held back so much anger inside.. not specifically for each other but life in general..I couldn’t give up at first and neither could you… we fought.. but we also fought for our relationship.. As people say we were/are young and dumb.. but it didn’t feel like it did it?


Then you just disappeared on me..you left me.. not physically at first… but emotionally.. you just were not there anymore and nothing was the same. I saw sides of you I never thought I would see and a side of myself I didn’t even know came out because I was hurt..confused… and honestly, angry.

Looking back I feel a mix of emotions.. sometimes I feel happy sifting through all our memories together.. baking gingerbread houses… watching cooking shows..but then .. I feel sad. I think of what we used to be and what we became and it feels like nothing made any sense.. How did this even happen?

It has been hard knowing that you have moved on and your okay with your life. Your happy and you are doing your thing. I cant help but to think of the other girls that could be in and out of your life since we broke up… Sometimes I wonder if they know how good of a cook you are.. or what your favorite t.v shows are.. I wonder if they know how much you love your brothers … I wonder if they know how you stand up and yell at the t.v during fantasy football…or how much of a momma’s boy you are. I know your happy now.. and I loved you so much that I am truly glad you are happy. When you love someone that is all you ever want for them. Although I am handling things differently….one day I know Ill be happy again.


I am 22 years old now. When I met you I was 19. The experiences we have shared together have helped us shape more into the people we will one day grow up to be. Although we have said some messed up things .. and we are no longer that young couple that was “in love” I have learned ¬†that it will take time. I know I am strong .

I didn’t write this and share it for the world to see to show that I am “weak” I shared it because I am admitting , looking back over my life, and showing others they are not the only one.

To let people know I know what it is like to have loved someone so much you loose yourself.. to have something so beautiful turn so ugly.. and your left thinking What the hell happened..?

One day things will not hurt as bad… and I look forward to that one day. But as they always say.. You never forget your first love and I know I’ll never forget my first love.. but also my first heartbreak.

The Right Kind of Princess

As long ¬†as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Princess ( I still do). I remember thinking “I want to be just like her” when my mother would read about the Princess’s and how beautiful they were. One year ,when I was still in nursery school, I even had a Princess dress up party where every girl dressed up as their favorite Princess. I could easily say I had an infatuation with Princesses, what little girl doesn’t? There are two ways fairy tales can be looked at: they can be looked upon with innocence, but they could also be viewed from a more in depth psychological standpoint. This past spring semester I took a class titled “Archetypal¬†Women In Myth and Lit”. This class took us beyond the innocent fairy tales we grew up with as kids and showed us the real psychology behind these tales. In this article I want to touch upon one ¬†of the original fairy tales that do not fall upon the typical category of “the waiting women” that we often find when dealing with Princess’s.

Just a side note….If you have not caught on yet, most of the stories I have been referencing in my blog so far are some of the earliest original versions. (This means I am shying away from the typical Walt Disney versions.)

The ¬†fairy tale I wanted to talk about is “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen, this can be found in the Classic Fairy Tales . Although we still see a lot of typical fairy tale elements within this text, the Princess character is portrayed differently! The Princess in this story is a pretty young mermaid who is full of curiosity about the world above water. In the story, when each sister turns 15 they are allowed to swim up to the surface and explore. Being the last one to turn 15 , with her growing curiosity, the Little Mermaid is very daring and pushes her limits when it comes her time to swim to the surface. The mermaid comes across a ship of people celebrating and it is here she first sets eyes on the Prince. A terrible storm hits and the ship is greatly disturbed sending the lovely Prince overboard. The Little Mermaid takes it upon her self to save him. (Pg 221. The Classic Fairy Tales)

He could hardly swim any longer in the heavy sea……. She held his head above water and then let the waves carry her along with him………She swam here with the handsome Prince and laid him on the sand with his head carefully pillowed in the warm sunshine.

Wow this is a shocker,right? A fairy tale where the Princess actually saves the Prince! Not only does she save the Prince, but she takes it upon herself to make her own decisions without having any limitations by her family. After saving the Prince, she falls deeply in love with him and decides that she will do anything to become human, regardless of what anyone says,so she can make him fall in love with her. She even goes as far as leaving her family behind and trading her beautiful voice to the wicked sea witch for human legs.Although I find this to be completely ridiculous, It does counteract with most Princess’s . The Little Mermaid is making decisions for herself and taking action to get what she desires. So far we have not seen a whole lot of “waiting around to be saved ” within the Little Mermaid tale.

There is a downside to this tale. Once the Little Mermaid trades her voice for human legs, she goes to stay with the Prince and all is well for a little while, until another women comes along. The Prince does not end up falling in love with the Little Mermaid, even though she gave up everything she had. When the Little Mermaid gave the sea witch her voice, she made a promise with her that if she could not win the love of a mortal, she would never have an immortal soul; she would turn into foam floating in the sea.

Fortunately we still have the happy ending in this tale. The Little Mermaid does not turn into foam in the sea, loosing her immortal soul like the wicked witch had said. The Little Mermaid ends up going to heaven and earning an immortal soul because of her good deeds.

You, poor little mermaid, you have striven with all of your heart;you have suffered and endured……..Now by three hundred years of good deeds, you too can shape for yourself and immortal soul.

Not only is this story showing  strong willed ,self determined women, it is also showing that good deeds and morals will be rewarded in the long run. In the end the Little Mermaid is rewarded for taking chances and following her desires. This is what I call a real Princess.:)

Symbolism within Snow White

Something I noticed within the tale of Snow White, is all of the symbolism it contains. From objects to colors, to numbers, there is a meaning behind it all. In this post I am going to focus on the tale “Snow White” written by The Brothers Grimm in 1819. This can be found in the book ” The Classic Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar . ( I am using a Norton Critical Edition)

Let’s start with colors.The beginning of almost every version of Snow White starts out with describing Snow Whites feature’s as ” Lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow and hair as black as night/ebony” . In the Brother’s Grimm the text pg 83( The Classic Fairy Tale)

If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood and ask black as the wood on the window frame.” Soon there after she gave birth to a little girl, who was as white as snow, as red as blood and ask black as ebony, she was called Snow White.

What could the meaning behind these three colors be? Let’s look at it from the point of view of the three stages of a women’s life. White ;innocence, Red;puberty, Black; death. A women is born pure¬†and innocent, but ¬†once she hit’s puberty she ¬†begin’s the¬†menstruation cycle. With menstruating and becoming a woman she begins to develop and become more appealing to the male eyes. (Such as snow white to the prince ¬†while she is lying in the glass coffin). With this comes love, lust and of course feritility. What is there after this? Death.

Now I want to talk about numbers within this specific version. I have noticed in other works of The Brother’s Grimm that there is a strong emphasize on God. In this tale of Snow White there is a lot of repetition and similarities of numbers that are often seen throughout the bible too. The two numbers that show up a lot throughout this story are the numbers 3 and 7. Let’s start with where we see the number 3.

First lets give a little background on the number three within the bible. So we can thinker deeper into where we can see this number through out the story and maybe why it is used.The number 3 is used exactly 467 times through out the bible. In the New Testament there are exactly 27 books which = 3 times 3. Before his arrest, Jesus prayed 3 times in the Garden of Gethsemane and he was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day. There were exactly three hours of darkness that overtook the land while Jesus was suffering on the cross and Jesus was dead for three days and three nights before his Resurrection. I could go on and on, but this is not the topic of the post! ūüôā Let’s stay on track.

We already discussed that there are three colors that show up repeatedly throughout the tale and have an important significance.The mother in the beginning asks for her daughter to have three different aspects. ( look back to the quote above. Right in the beginning of the tale , when the mother is sewing, she pricks her finger and three drops of blood fall on to the snow. We also see that the witch attempts to take Snow Whites life exactly three times. After Snow White is put into the coffin, the Dwarfs wept for three days.

Along with the the re-occurrence of the number three throughout the tale, we also see the number 7. Let’s briefly take a look at what the number 7 means within the Bible. The number 7 is used 735 times in the bible and it is the foundation of God’s Word. 7 is the number of completeness and perfection. The word “created” is used 7 times when describing God’s work in Genesis. God created the world in 7 days and 7 nights. The bible as a whole was also (originally) divided into 7 different parts. Let’s look at where it is seen within Snow White.

Mirror ,Mirror, on the wall,

Who’s the fairest of them all?

We all know this famous line and in this particular version, the evil which asks this to her mirror seven times. The most obvious place we see the number seven is the seven Dwarf’s. With the seven Dwarfs come seven beds and seven places set at the table that Snow White notices when she enters the house.

There are also a few other symbols I wanted to briefly mention.1) The Apple given to Snow White by the evil Queen- this could represent betrayal, and sin. The fact the apple looks so shiny and delicious causes temptation within Snow White to want to take a bit of the apple. 2) The Coffin- this can be looked at from a feminist perspective as containment for a women of the time. It is also interesting that the coffin is glass so Snow White’s beauty can still be seen and she maybe viewed by whomever. 3) The corset the Queen puts on Snow White- this is another example of containment and the society norms of the time. A corset is used to “contain” everything , making a women look more thing and “beautiful”.4) Finally the Mirror- this mirror is a representation of vanity and patriarchy. At the time women were not as powerful and full of opportunities as they are today. A women’s power over a man stemmed strongly from her beauty. By looking into this mirror, the Queen wanted reassurance of her beauty and power.

That just about wraps it up with all the symbolism! Feel free to comment anything else you might have noticed!

Displaying A Moral Lesson Within Little Red Riding Hood

There is a purpose behind Fairy Tales that stray from the idea of bedtime entertainment for youngsters. Most often Fairy Tales have a moral lesson to be taught within the story. Now it is obvious that a young child will only grasp so much from a story, but as we get older it becomes clear the deeper message that a story was created to serve. A perfect example of this, the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Well the message in this is obvious; never talk to strangers because you might end up kidnapped and eaten… Right? Well I’m going to dig a little deeper into this tale to uncover what the real moral of the story might be.

The path in the woods is an obvious consistency within all versions of Little Red Riding hood. Each tale almost always contains a path within the woods that leads directly from Little Red’s house to Grandma’s. Seems convenient and easy enough, just follow that path Little Red . But what happens to a curious young girl when you throw an “enticing” wolf into the picture?

Dating back from some of the earliest versions, Little Red Riding hood encounters a wolf and has a choice of which path to take to get to her grandmothers. More often then not Little Red picks the wrong one :(. Little Red Chooses the wrong path in almost every version of the tale. Now your asking , okay and what is your point?

Let’s pause for a moment ¬†and talk about this “wolf” character that seems to be the reason Little Red always gets distracted. Now if one were to look up the word “Wolf” in the dictionary, you would first come across an animal ( obviously) but if you look down you would see that the term Wolf also refers to ” a man who makes amorous advances on women.” WELL HMMMM, NOW ISN’T THAT SOMETHING? So here we have this young girl (who is described as being so absolutely beautiful within the first couple sentences of any version you read), walking down this path only to come across this big bad wolf.( Is anyone else thinking Lolita right about now?) In some versions the wolf and Little Reds encounter is quite brief, but in others for ex. “Little Red Cap” by the Brothers Grimm, the wolf actually tells Little Red to enjoy the woods and collect some flowers for grandma! This causes Little Red to stray from the path.

” Little Red Cap, have you seen the beautiful flowers all about? Why don’t you look around for a while ……. If you bring a fresh bouquet to Grandmother, she will be overjoyed. “

It is obvious that the wolf wants to delay Little Red on her journey so that he can get to Grandma’s before she does. The wolf also does this in Terri Windlings ” The Path Of Needles and Pins.” The wolf confronts Little Red and asks her what path she is taking so he can take the other and beat her to Grandmothers. If you are unaware of the meaning behind the Pins and Needles title here is a link ¬†below you can click to read more about it.


Now readers ¬†what is this obvious message? The path is life! This is a tale teaching the story of a little girl who becomes tempted and distracted from the path of the RIGHT direction. Depending on what version you read, Little Red ends up being eaten by the wolf because she takes the wrong path/strays from the path and he beats her to Grandma’s! The main moral of the tale is telling one to not stray from the right path because when and if you do there can be great danger ahead along with consequences. The wolf is not just a literal wolf, in some cases it could represent all different kinds of things that tempt someone and cause them to wonder off their course.If you are religious, you could look at it from the stand point of staying on the path of righteousness with God, where as you are tempted with evil ( the wolf) sometimes temptation can lead one down the wrong path or cause one to stray.

This story’s moral is pretty clear once you think about it. One of the best versions of this story is “Where have you been, where are you going.” by Joyce Carol Oates. This was published in 1993 and although it is a lot more modernized and strays from the exact story, the message is the same it is absolutely astounding to read. I highly suggest it to those of you who are interested in further research or discussion on this topic.